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  • Aircraft


  • Aircraft

    Repcon Aircraft Wash 1 gallon

  • Aircraft

    Repcon Anti fog 9oz

  • Aircraft

    Glass & Plastic Cleaner 1 gallon

  • Aircraft

    Glass & Plastic Cleaner 25oz

  • Aircraft

    Repcon Rain Repellent
    & Surface Conditioner 1gallon

  • Aircraft

    Repcon Rain Repellent 9oz

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Protecting Aircraft Transparencies and Surfaces with Treatments, Cleaners, and Antimicrobials

Unelko's innovative Repcon™ and Aerovision™ products feature superior cleaners, coatings and antimicrobials that are designed to clean, shield, and protect aircraft surfaces and prevent surface wear and corrosion. These products also help improve visibility in all kinds of inclement flying weather, while also making the surfaces more attractive and easier to maintain.

Keeping Aircraft Clean and Safe

The surfaces of aircraft are constantly being exposed to things like soil, salt air, rain, slush, ice, volcanic ash, atmospheric dust, exhaust residues, and condensation. These substances, if left unchecked, will build-up on aircraft surfaces and cause serious corrosion and deterioration. The accumulated contaminates can also affect flying safety, especially during takeoffs and landings.

Thanks to the Repcon and Aerovision products and their rain repelling and surface conditioning technologies, aircraft canopies and other transparencies can stay clean and safe. Repcon is currently being used by federal, institutional and governmental agencies, as well as by the military and commercial and private aircraft companies worldwide.

Repcon and Aerovision also offer superior one-step "value added" products designed for aircraft; these include cleaners, degreasers and protectants that are designed to keep these surfaces clean and safe from the elements.

Repcon Rain Repellent provides superior water beading technology that repels water, snow, ice & stains on aircraft canopies and windows for improved wet weather visibility & flying safety.

Aerovision's "Dual-Action" Aircraft Wash cleans planes to a sparkling shine & provides a nanoscale repellent finish that keeps water, soil, snow, ice & stains on top of the surface.

Aero Vision Benefits Include:

  • Prevents surface corrosion
  • Improves wet weather visibility
  • Protects against soil and grime buildup
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Prevents water, soil and mineral deposit stains
  • Removes tough windshield & window stains
  • Cleans, shields and protects transparencies in 1-step for easier cleaning and improved appearance
  • A single application lasts from months to years

"I have been using Repcon Rain Repellent & Surface Conditioner for almost 30 yrs. I wouldn't fly without it."
- Baton Rouge, LA
"The technology behind your aircraft wash is incredible. The protective coating it provides keeps my plane clean and shiny for months."
- Santa Barbara , CA
"Repcon has consistently solved our visibility challenge. The Airforce has found a perfect solution for pitting and easier cleaning with Repcon."
- Phoenix, AZ

With a consummate commitment to user safety and the environment, Unelko adheres to the highest standards to develop its products for the consumer and institutional user. We manufacture specialty cleaning and coating products that are safe, environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, VOC free and which are renewable without leaving any residue or buildup on the surface. Environmentally preferable "green" products...

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